In the previous blog I gave a few reasons for changing your roof, now I’m going to talk about some things that you can do as homeowners to keep your roof in good shape and extend your roofs life.

Well since you have changed your roof, the big expense is done now all that’s left is to maintain it so that it will last longer. The question is how? Here are some tips on what should you do that will help in the long run.

  1. As a homeowner you should go up on your roof and visually inspect it at least 2 times a year. The best time to inspect your roof is after winter season especially if you leave in an area with long winters and before the winter season in fall. In the inspection what you’re looking for is making sure no shingles are missing and if the shingles are in good condition, check for curling shingles (check my previous blog for pictures.)
  2. Visually inspect the roof after every big storm, containing high winds .Check for missing shingles, high winds often result in blown away shingles. Take care of this problem ASAP especially if you have newer house and there is no underlay covering the roof deck, because an exposed roof deck is a great cause to get water in the house.
  3. After hail check for any shingle damage.
  4. In winter like this one you have to make sure that you clean the snow off the roof frequently, we have had a long winter with a lot of temperature variables. Warm causing the snow to melt then cold freezing the snow and causing ice buildup. Ice buildup is not something that the manufacturer of the shingles will cover or the roofing company installing the shingles because it’s not either one’s fault, it’s your duty as homeowner to properly maintain your roof, roof top snow removal is a part of it. Very often these ice build ups can cause excessive roof leakage, and if this happens you need to remove the snow of your roof ASAP. Check your insurance policy and see if it covers damage from ice build ups and call a qualified roofer to check if there is anything else going on with your roof. Before all of this happens, if you already know it can happen it’s a good time to review your home insurance policy with an insurance broker or with the current insurance provider.
  5. If you decide to remove the snow of the roof by yourself make sure you remove the snow part only do not touch the ice buildup as soon you start braking  the ice you can easily break the shingles as well and therefore damage your roof. If you’ve had roof leakage the damage is already done inside, don’t make a mistake and put yourself yet to another expense. To have a peace of mind call your roofer and get him to remove the snow of your roof. He may be able to give you a prorated price as a returning customer.

If you are not able to do the any of these suggestions call us or other trusted roofing professional and he will do it for you. If you have any questions please give us a call at 204 334-7370 and until next time remember



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