Soffits, Fascia & Eavestroughs

Home Integrity

Most people do not know that your Soffit and Fascia play an important role in the structural integrity of your home. Properly installed Soffit offers the necessary ventilation to help with air circulation which reduces excess moisture that can cause rotting and decay of your roof’s structure. The horizontal panels that cap your rafters on the roof are known as Fascia. When properly installed these panels provide a barrier for animals, insects and the elements all which can play havoc on your home.


Facia and Soffits


At Canmak Roofing and Fencing Ltd. We use Aluminum and Vinyl Soffits. They come in a variety of styles, colours and widths to accommodate all types of homes.  Both are low maintenance and are available in different gauges depending on your needs. Choose Aluminum for it’s proven track record for sturdiness, performance and beauty or vinyl for it’s wood grain finishes, high performance, and resistance to the elements. 



Canmak Roofing and Fencing Ltd. offers Aluminum Fascia in an array of colours to compliment your home. Available in a variety of widths for new or older homes. Also available for Fascia panels are Engineered Wood products. Take advantage of regular wood siding with out the drawbacks of rotting, cracking, or splitting. Our Engineered Wood Fascia is rigid and durable, comes in a variety of prefinished colours, and is eco-friendly making it ideal for who desire to support building green to protect the environment. Made from 100% recycled wood.


Canmak Roofing and Fencing Ltd. only uses continuous one piece aluminum eavestroughs. All eavestroughs are built right on site and are available in a variety of colours to choose from to compliment your home. We use aluminum for it’s lightness, corrosive resistance, elimination of common rainware problems, and for it’s durability. We offer 5” deep troughs as opposed to the common 4” troughs found in most home repair stores and systematically place the down spouts to avoid overflow or drainage problems which can cause basement leaks and erosion problems.



For a complete line up of colours*, styles and warranties please visit:

PlyGem Canada
*Please note colours will vary based on user’s monitor screen settings. We recommend that you make final colour selections based on actual product samples provided by Canmak Roofing and Fencing Ltd.


Complete the exterior of your home after you get new fascia and eavestroughs with Low Maintenance Siding. We offer a variety of optional materials, colours and styles to finish your home so you will have minimal maintenance for years to come.

The Canmak Process

All Canmak Roofing and Fencing Ltd. jobs follow the same process:

  • Once we receive a customer call we stop by to understand the project, evaluate and then provide an estimate. Estimates are provided by email or mail.
  • If a more involved project is required an emailed or mailed estimate can be provided within a couple of days.
  • Upon a call confirmation of the estimate by the client we will stop by with the project contract for signing.
  • All contracts include an agreed upon timeline (weather permitting) to completion and deposit to start the project.
  • Material choices are confirmed and ordered.
  • Customers are always made aware of delivery dates for materials so there is never any surprises.
  • As a job progresses, the customer is always made aware of any concerns that might be encountered like rotten roof deck panels or any unforeseen damage like poor chimney flashing. Pictures are taken before and after the repair to confirm that the work was done right.
  • As the job progresses the owner of Canmak personally inspects each site to ensure everything is to his set standards for quality.
  • Once the project and cleaning up of the job site is completed, everything is reviewed with the customer to ensure 100% satisfaction.
  • A warranty is provided to the customer and we move on to our next home.

Canmak Warranty

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