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In addition to our roofing and exterior home renovations we also provide wood fencing. All of our fences are either made from Pressure Treated (Brown/Green) Wood or Cedar. You provide the design and we will build it to your needs. We precisely drill and set all posts with our skid steer post hole auger and then complete your fence to your liking. Ground dirt created from the drilling of the holes can be left for the customer to spread throughout their yard or we can remove it depending on your specific needs. We recommend painting green pressure treated within 1-2 years, Brown treated wood can be left longer and Cedar should be stained with a semi-transparent finish to reveal the natural beauty of the wood grain. Before any project can start though proper clearance is required from the following businesses to ensure no cables or pipes are going to interfere with the construction.


Wood Fencing

Click Before You Dig

Canmak Roofing & Fencing confirms with Click Before You Dig, the location of any affected utility lines before we begin any fencing project. This way you know and we know all is safe to proceed.

The Canmak Process

All Canmak Roofing and Fencing Ltd. jobs follow the same process:

  • Once we receive a customer call we stop by to understand the project, evaluate and then provide an estimate. Estimates are provided by email or mail.
  • If a more involved project is required an emailed or mailed estimate can be provided within a couple of days.
  • Upon a call confirmation of the estimate by the client we will stop by with the project contract for signing.
  • All contracts include an agreed upon timeline (weather permitting) to completion and deposit to start the project.
  • Material choices are confirmed and ordered.
  • Customers are always made aware of delivery dates for materials so there is never any surprises.
  • As a job progresses, the customer is always made aware of any concerns that might be encountered like rotten roof deck panels or any unforeseen damage like poor chimney flashing. Pictures are taken before and after the repair to confirm that the work was done right.
  • As the job progresses the owner of Canmak personally inspects each site to ensure everything is to his set standards for quality.
  • Once the project and cleaning up of the job site is completed, everything is reviewed with the customer to ensure 100% satisfaction.
  • A warranty is provided to the customer and we move on to our next home.

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