“A Roof Done Right Is Water Tight, A Roof Done Wrong Won’t Last Long”, This has been our tagline since our company first began. So many times we are called in to fix other people’s faulty craftsmanship. Either they did not know what they were doing or they used inferior materials. If the water cannot run off the roof properly it will leak into the house, this we guarantee. Proper use of underlay, systematic use of peaks, valleys, corners and capping are all key to controlling water flow during the summer and protecting against seepage in winter from ice build up. Venting is also a roofing necessity. It reduces attic heat and prevent drying out of shingles which causes cracking or curling. What you place on your roof should be the best and that is why we only use name brand products. Companies who back their products and are pillars in the industry.

Did you know Canmak Roofing and Fencing specializes in steep roofs? No roof is too steep for our team, challenge us today!

It all starts with the underlay. For value and performance we use Titanium UDL-25 Plus. A synthetic roofing underlayment that offers premium leak protection and provides a mold free vapor barrier. It doesn’t expand or contract, provides a Class A fire rating, doesn’t leech oil and supports building green for those who are environmentally concerned.
For more information about Titanium UDL-25 Plus and their warranty please visit:

Ice & Water Shield
Around the base of the roof and along all seams, valleys or detail areas we use a self-adhering rubberized asphalt roofing underlayment that protects against ice packed roofs and wind driven rain. It is a premium peel & stick roofing underlayment that bonds firmly to the roof deck, seals around nails without heat or special adhesives. Our Ice & Water Shield provides superior tear resistance and will not crack, dry out or rot to protect your home in the summer or harsh Manitoba winters.

Homes today are more air tight than ever before. Proper air flow is key to keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter. Systematically placed vents are instrumental in the controlling of air flow and protection of your shingles for years to come. Most older homes do not have proper venting and many roofers will not add them to the job. What seems like a good price at the time is really just a problem down the road and won’t last long. At Canmak Roofing and Fencing we always recommend the necessary venting so you know when we are done, your roof is done right.

Canmak Roofing and Fencing Ltd. features #1 grade CSA approved asphalt and fiberglass shingles in a variety of styles and warranties to fit every budget. When receiving roofing quotes always be aware of the product you are receiving. Factory seconds often can be used to keep estimate prices low. These do not come with a warranty and are seconds for a reason.
Remember shingles are an investment, often they can increase a homes value by 15-40%.  They not only provide protection of your family and possessions but provide the accent that finishes a home and accentuates it’s curb appeal.
For a complete line up of colours*, styles and warranties please visit:
*Please note colours will vary based on user’s monitor screen settings. We recommend that you make final colour selections based on actual product samples provided by Canmak Roofing and Fencing Ltd..

24 hour Emergency Hotline
Got a problem? Need some help? Weekdays, weekends, or late at night, our emergency crew are here to help. Canmak Roofing and Fencing Ltd. will arrive and assess the situation, provide a temporary repair and protection until the job can be properly reviewed and a detailed quote provided. Once approved we begin work right away and will have your roof fixed to your complete satisfaction. Trouble never happens when you want it and that is why we provide our 24 hour emergency service, so you know your protected and damage is kept to a minimum.

It doesn’t matter what part of the city you live in we will be there to help.

Call us today to learn more or to discuss your situation 204-334-7370.

Need An Independent Roof Report?
Often we are called in to provide an independent roof report for an insurance claim or when selling or buying a home. These can usually be done right away with the price based on size of home.

Call us today to learn more or to discuss your situation 204-334-7370.

Fascia Repairs
Did you know often when you replace a roof there is a need for fascia repair due to dried out and rotting wood. The best time to do this is when the roof is being replaced. To review out complete line up of colors and styles please visit our Soffit and Fascia Section.